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When It Rains

When It Rains

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LoveScripter By LoveScripter Updated Jan 08

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: "I wrote this book in High school, so if you don't like it and find it poorly written, I completely understand" 
Jared Evans could make any girl swoon. He had the face of a greek god and the body of a lean mean athlete. Yet he never understood what real love meant. Although privileged, he lived quite a dysfunctional home. His parents often fought and had affairs throughout his childhood. As a boy, he sought refuge at his best friend's home to escape his troubles. There he experienced normal. There he learned what a real family was like. There he met the most delicate soul in the form of a beautiful girl. and he swore to protect it.  

Jared has never been interested with Josh's  little sister, yet he cared for her more than anyone he has ever known. Before leaving for college, he accepted a stupid bet. To prove that Scarlett didn't have a crush on him, Josh dared him to kiss her!

The whole thing ended with a severed friendship and a broken heart. Scarlett promises to never forgive him and Jared is utterly devastated with guilt. 

Two years later, Jared finds Scarlett attending his University. And to his surprise, she is not that humble, or kind little girl he once remembered.

Written: 2010 / Re-written: 2015

sincerely__me sincerely__me Dec 19, 2016
I have earbuds in and I'm reading.... unless you physically hit me in the face, I won't notice you even exist
Britneyolly Britneyolly Aug 16, 2016
teasing?? dont u mean taser-ing  her heart?
                              does it even make sense?😞
NaOhMe44 NaOhMe44 Jan 03
Everyone else is doing actions so um here goes nothing....
                              *slaps Jared across the face and then kicks him in the stomach*
sincerely__me sincerely__me Dec 19, 2016
That awkward moment when you think someone's your brother and it's not but you already did something to them
sincerely__me sincerely__me Dec 19, 2016
I once did that to a friend...
                              Apparently, my "playful" slaps are actually fairly powerful
*throws him into the upper layers of the atmosphere. As he falls down, I toss grenades at his now battered form. When he is finally close enough, I do a flying roundhouse kick, and he once again flys up. Team Jared is blasting off agaaaiiiinnnn!