It's Not Cinderella (percabeth)

It's Not Cinderella (percabeth)

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chaosneverdies104 By chaosneverdies104 Updated Jan 12, 2016

*this is more interesting than it looks (apparently). I'm just bad at descriptions.
*unedited version

Annabeth Chase.
What's so bad about her, you ask? 
She's shy, self conscious, a Genius.
And, teacher's pet.

Percy Jackson.
What's so good about him, you ask?
He's hot, athletic, sarcastic. 
And, a rebel.

They don't go together. 
Or maybe they do?

At least that's how everything seems, but sometimes life isn't predictable.

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McShizzleValdezz McShizzleValdezz Jul 02, 2017
its just a fanfic- the author can change her name. no need to get worked up
xwisegirlxx xwisegirlxx Apr 03
Disclaimer~ I don’t own Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase does
seaweedgal seaweedgal Mar 12, 2017
I'm sorta wondering why we all ended up calling Rick Riordan uncle Rick...
pansycake08 pansycake08 Feb 17
You guys do know that Rick Riordan never actually said what Annabeth's stepmom was called so it's perfectly fine for the author to call her Susan. also, it's just a fanfiction!!
I want to know where you guys pulled Helen from considering it is never mentioned within the books...
MateImNotOnFiyah MateImNotOnFiyah May 06, 2017
Lol I don't have ADHD suckers. So y- OH MY GOD IT'S A TREE I'M GONNA CLIMB IT