It's Not Cinderella (percabeth)

It's Not Cinderella (percabeth)

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chaosneverdies104 By chaosneverdies104 Updated Jan 11, 2016

*this is more interesting than it looks (apparently). I'm just bad at descriptions.
*unedited version

Annabeth Chase.
What's so bad about her, you ask? 
She's shy, self conscious, a Genius.
And, teacher's pet.

Percy Jackson.
What's so good about him, you ask?
He's hot, athletic, sarcastic. 
And, a rebel.

They don't go together. 
Or maybe they do?

At least that's how everything seems, but sometimes life isn't predictable.

JuztKimmy JuztKimmy Sep 02, 2016
Me daily... Can't even make Mac and cheese without burning something 😂
Little_Miss_Liza Little_Miss_Liza Apr 10, 2016
I'm just thinking about all the books that I've read where the step mum is Susan or Susanne instead of Helen, Annabeths REAL step mums name
blzonuggie blzonuggie Jan 31, 2016
Susan. Ooh SUSAN-oh I think I just scared myself! 
                              Anyone know what that's from?
Spike941 Spike941 Oct 13, 2016
OMGS IM LISTENING TO SUGAR WERE GOING DOWN RIGHT NOW!! Seriously tho all the fall out boy fans out there raise your hand because there is NO ONE in my school or house that likes fob except a few friends like I need to know that you exist
Camiladibe Camiladibe Feb 09, 2016
Girl.... You don't brush curly hair. You only have two options: let it run wild and free and learn to live with it, or lock the motherfücker down.
Raven_1223 Raven_1223 Jul 31, 2016
Where's DA SQUIRREL?(I forgot how to spell squirrel thank god for autocorrect