She's Too Naive

She's Too Naive

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What is the definition of a perfect summer?

For small town girl, Ellie Charleston, a perfect summer includes late nights at Dairy Queen with her friends, hot days spent on the beach, and a new name for herself. But, getting a new name in a small town isn't that simple. That is, until Rosen Parker shows up in town, and everything starts to change. A summer romance sparks, giving Ellie the new reputation she was looking for.

But no summer is really what you expect it to be. 

Ellie's fling quickly spins out of control when she finds out the dark truth about Rosen, and unwillingly gets dragged along on a perilous journey. Gone is the charming boy she fell for, replaced by a liar who is constantly on the run. Forced to leave the only place she's ever known, Rosen teaches Ellie the first rule of his lifestyle: Trust no one, not even him.

(Warning: There will be some violence in this story, so if you are uncomfortable with that please do not read)

  • adventure
  • bad
  • boy
  • change
  • danger
  • fiction
  • fling
  • girl
  • good
  • lie
  • love
  • romance
  • small
  • summer
  • teen
  • thriller
  • town
  • trust
ellsybob ellsybob Sep 03, 2016
Oh my goldfish my name is Elly and my middle name is Mae, spelt differently but pronounced the same, this is so AMAZING
aqua_giraffe aqua_giraffe Jun 15, 2015
This honestly sounds so exciting! OMW. "Ellie May, I like that" was too cute!  A great way to start the story, full of excitement and thrill with a little bit of lovey-doveyness that makes you want to read more :) Loved it! I will probably read more soon, but right now I'm writing exams :/
bamboozled- bamboozled- Jun 10, 2015
Oh, this was such a hooking first chapter. I really like your descriptions. I was able to imagine everything in my head. There were no grammar errors. I just spotted a few punctuation errors.
                              Happy writing! :) x
PeppermintPink PeppermintPink Jun 08, 2015
I like how the dialogues and descriptions are well-balanced.  The title is catchy, and the synopsis is effective as well :) You're an awesome writer. Gotta read more of this!
- - May 21, 2015
Pretty well written chapter I should say.
                              The flow is wonderful and the I didn't get bored, which doesn't always happen.
                              reading next one! :D
midnightpainter midnightpainter Apr 14, 2015
I just wanted to say you had me interested at the very first line. It intrigued me to keep reading! And also I love the name Rosen!!!