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Summer Camp // l.s.

Summer Camp // l.s.

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foreverme20 By foreverme20 Completed

[ COMPLETED ] In which, Louis and Harry meet at summer camp.

Everyone is always like "you don't talk much" nah I just don't like people lol
ificouldflyhometolou ificouldflyhometolou Dec 28, 2016
Well I only cooked a meal once, it was Chicken, stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in Parma ham with a side of homemade mash
OopsHiLarry928 OopsHiLarry928 Dec 26, 2016
I chew gum in every class without being caught... Am I a badass??? Kinda, but not for that reason.😂
I remember I was buy it with my twin and eat everyday at school! It's our favourite
Louis_gay_wrist Louis_gay_wrist 2 days ago
Poor Harreh, always losing his socks. Good socks strong socks.
Three fooking months?!?!! Wtf !! Zero school for three months !!!