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Siera 🌹 By 5SOSftLawley Completed

"There is something different about her, man." One voice said with an Australian accent. "It's like she's hiding something. The way she walked, the way she talked. I need to know why I've never seen her before."
  "Maybe she's just shy." A second voice chimed in. "She looked pretty nervous walking up there. Maybe she just doesn't like people knowing her."
  "Shut up, Luke." A third voice said. "Ash, I'm sure she is an open book. I mean, she kept opening and closing her science book. You really shouldn't worry about her, dude."
  "Michael." The first voice sighed. "What if she never comes back to school? What if she kills herself because she is hiding a secret that she doesn't want to tell anyone? Do any of you care?"
  "I have this class with her." A final voice said. "I can try to talk to her to get her to tell me whatever she's hiding. She can't be-"
  My phone started ringing loudly.
  ~Trigger warnings: Cutting, Gore, Suicide, Death~
  *Ashton Irwin AU*

anime-lover978 anime-lover978 Oct 11, 2016
I got hit in the head by a volleyball a few weeks ago. It didn't even hurt that much but I had a panic attack. It was a chain of events type of thing lol
I love how real this story with the descriptions about her life and thoughts.
oBsEsSiVe___ oBsEsSiVe___ Jul 29, 2016
My parents just ignore me. They only talk to me unless they have something worth yelling or blaming me about.
k_a_s1116 k_a_s1116 Aug 05, 2016
Of course. This goes out to any of u guys. If u need a person to talk to my messages r always open 😊
i can relate. i've gone to highschool with the same people and 3 years later and they still don't know my name.
mallboy5sos mallboy5sos Jan 22
I will always remember when my art teacher shouted at me while I was having a panic attack in the middle of the hallway where everyone could see