Aether Academy

Aether Academy

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Saya By ClumsySaya Updated Dec 29, 2016

Aria- those who have the affinity for the element of air.
Erde- those who have the affinity for the element of earth. 
Hudōr-those who have the affinity for the element of water.
Fȳr-those who have the affinity for the element of fire.

That's what her mother told Lillian about Aethers when she discovered that she's one of them. Sent to the Academy, she finds out that there's much more to it. 

Follow her as she makes new friends. Argues with a boy who makes the usually calm girl want to pull her hair out. And learn more about herself than she ever imagined.

But as enemies emerge and secrets unravel; Lillian and her friends must get ready to face much more than what they bargained for.

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Jerk, I actually thought it was so he wouldn't put them in danger or something. But no! He fell in love!
lunerstar439 lunerstar439 a day ago
I first I'm like its probs a dangerous thing the he says I fell in love and I just snapped
I'll never forgive you!.... oh, I mean SHE will never forgive u, ... yea her not me( I always get attached to characters)
Coralmaniac Coralmaniac Jul 19, 2016
Your writing style isn't bad, maybe you should just look out for repetitions:)
NeilaCarias NeilaCarias Jul 01, 2016
What a STUPID REASON!!! You have a wife and a daughter, and you had to break your bond with them, on your daughter's birthday! By saying, YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!
NeilaCarias NeilaCarias Jul 01, 2016
Then why did you get married to someone you didn't love as a lover, but as a friend?! And have a baby with her?!