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TMNT x reader

TMNT x reader

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Randi a.k.a. Payday By blue_divergents Updated Feb 04

Ever wondered what it would be like to date a Ninja Turtle? Well don't hesitate hit that button to read! Ranked #350 in fanfic. On 1/28/17

Ocean_Girl1215 Ocean_Girl1215 May 23, 2016
Well, curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back
The_Almighty_CEL The_Almighty_CEL May 21, 2016
"And don't call me Raphael!"
                              Me: nope i'm reader senpai. I do what I want.
                              raph: why you-
                              me: ur name is now fluffy.
                              raph: how am I fluffy?
                              me: Deal with it
AvengersHufflepuff AvengersHufflepuff Nov 07, 2016
Yup this is literally me in the morning after swim practice except without the fighting on the roof
Faithandkitty Faithandkitty Aug 08, 2016
*screams through the window*
                              GTF OFF MY ROOF AND FIGHT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
purrsetsky purrsetsky May 19, 2016
I can call you whatever as I am an expert at making names but no since its Mikey ze great
Syslewis Syslewis May 27, 2016
You hear fighting on your roof, and you say that you don't have time for this…has this happened before?