just a roomate ( a Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

just a roomate ( a Cameron Dallas fan-fic)

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jenah16 By jenah16 Updated May 26, 2015


Before anyone reads this story,  I just want to let you know that this story is no longer being continued. I posted an authors note at the end of the story explaining why I stopped updating if you want to read that but to sum it up, my 'crush' on Cameron Dallas abruptly stopped? I have no clue how to make sense and I'm very sorry bout that lol. I just wanted to make sure to tell any new readers about this bc I know I hate reading books without an ending.To be honest, I cringe whenever I read through this story. Yes, my own story. 

Any-who, read at your own caution bc you've been warned. 

X, Jenah.

"Cameron, unlock the door. I have to get ready for school!" I said from outside of the bathroom door.

"Give me a minute!" Cameron replied, making me roll my eyes. I hear the shower turn off and then the door opens. Cameron shuffles past me, a white towel adorning his waist. "All yours, babe." 

I hurriedly brush past him whispe...

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