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Broken Angel [Marauder's Era]

Broken Angel [Marauder's Era]

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Jazk McLoughlin By afoolishdreamer Updated Nov 28, 2016

[Allow me to redirect you to Lost Soul on my profile. This version of the story has been discontinued.]

«The back of her dress dipped just the right amount to give way to the two scars on her shoulder blades. Her shorter hair didn't do much to cover it - she still refused to let him grow it out.

He inched closer to her, taking notice of the necklace she was fidgeting with. That explained why the skin shown was smooth and unmarked earlier. A simple enchantment. He leaned against the railing - turning his head to observe her face.

"What are those scars on your back from, Nix?" His voice broke through the silence, causing the smaller girl to send him a sad smile. »


Joelle Beckett could be considered all kinds of weird. A teenage witch recently transferred to Hogwarts, with weird scars on her back, and a tendency to hide her home life - how much more weird could you get?

Follow Jo around Hogwarts for her 6th year, standing beside the Marauders and the girls in her dormitory. Face her challenges, feel her emotions, and live once again at Hogwarts through her eyes.

I love how no one cares she somehow came from an all boys school
                              Everybody's just like: hurt the book and I'll hurt you
Anna_Donovan Anna_Donovan Aug 04, 2016
Candy! And you call yourself an Englishman James! SWEETS DEAR BOY, WE BRITS CALL THEM SWEETS JAMES. Damn it prongs. Oh DEER what shall we make of you....
                              someone put me out of our misery....
mystique34 mystique34 May 16, 2016
Who play joelle it doest have it in tje cast member bits
                              How do you add in cast member bits when writing
Anna_Donovan Anna_Donovan Aug 04, 2016
*librarian faints* *baby cries hysterically in the back ground* *crowd gives a horrified gasp* 
                              "use a bookmark you in cultured swine! D: "
LinnChan LinnChan Mar 10, 2016
I have three leg scars from the combination of my little brother, knife and some ninja movie. XD funny not funny xd
percabeth103kp percabeth103kp Apr 25, 2016
If this happens I call it
                              She had wings and they were cut off like malificent