The Girl Greenie || The Maze Runner Fanfic, Newt

The Girl Greenie || The Maze Runner Fanfic, Newt

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Wonderful_Oreos By Wonderful_Oreos Updated Oct 25, 2016

❝Everything is going to change.❞

.   .   .   .   .

I squinted my eyes, but the sudden bright light made me sheild myself in fear, afraid of what may be happening next. I felt a knot in my chest as my breath hitched in my throat, my hands just trembling with fear. I wanted to scream, I wanted to shout, but as soon as I heard something drop in beside me, I held it in. My whole body froze when I realised something.

There was somebody here.

I was too terrified to move, my eyes still sealed shut, with still not an inch of my body moving. I didn't know what to do, there was nothing to do anyway. I was trying to process everything at once. There was no chance for me to escape, so I just lay there, helpessly. Terror crawled all over my body, sickeningly slow.

And then, I heard a voice.

❝It's a girl.❞


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Alkria Alkria Sep 08, 2016
…”Do it before I become one of them!”
                              “KILL ME!” And then Newt’s eyes cleared, as if he’d gained one last trembling gasp of sanity, and his voice softened. “Please, Tommy. Please.” 
                              With his heart falling into a black abyss, Thomas pulled the trigger
cisIunars cisIunars Jan 20, 2017
i want him for myself and i am a twelve year old hormonal preteen ok
iconiclife iconiclife Jan 12, 2016
You know you're in too deep when you've read it in his voice
The100Lover14 The100Lover14 Dec 30, 2015
Apparently he has a girlfriend. Her name is Isabella Melling, just found that out yesterday
kickthekitkat kickthekitkat Dec 14, 2015
can't we all have Thomas Brodie-Sangster, can't we all... <3
Strawbury Strawbury May 13, 2015
Can Rosa be Lily Collins? Cause I totally ship them. Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee?!?!