Academy of Unbroken rules

Academy of Unbroken rules

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Ever heard of those schools back then filled with strict teachers and perfect students ? Yeah, well they still exist.

Let me introduce you to Redberry Academy for girls . Where rules are never broken and you only talk when spoken to . All of us have our futures planed out. I did too, until I met someone that changed it all.

Someone who taught me things that I would never have known . Who showed me things that I never noticed . Who made me feel things that nobody else has made me feel before . I have always wanted to break a rule before , but that person made me break them all . That boy saved me from being someone that I'm not. Most importantly though he showed me how to fall in love . But sometimes things don't always go as planned .

*Amazing cover done by @crazylovers78 ! Check out her page and some of the works done by her :)*

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ViolentLoner ViolentLoner Jun 02, 2017
i feel like that is a great name situation : Attractive dude, and drunk guy XD
Tia_114591 Tia_114591 Jul 05, 2017
I donto have anything against LGBTQ+ but what if y aren't 😂😂😂
ViolentLoner ViolentLoner Jun 02, 2017
me: "Can I go to the Orphanage?" Teacher: "..What?.... YES YESS PLEASE GO!"
ViolentLoner ViolentLoner Jun 02, 2017
that makes for awkward contact in the future... are thye raising lesbians?
And I’m guessing guys can? Sexist and offensive. Yeah I’m out. Who wants to go out eat pizza and go to a party?
Dixie3069 Dixie3069 Jan 23
I'm out I would have been kicked out the very first day 😂😂