Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

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Rapunzel :] By crazed_reader32 Updated Jul 18, 2015

"Get out of my way loser"Hillary, the head queen bee shrieked.Man I would love to just hit her,but I can't it would blow my cover."Sorry it won't happen again"I whispered."Good or else nerd"she said."Come on babe lets get away from this loser"she told her boyfriend who is Jase,my main bully.

Meet Logan Shizer,she's 17 and is known at school as the loser,nerd,and anyother bad name. But she has a secret,when she was little her parents died and she was left alone on the streets,that is how Leonardo found her. He took her in and raised her as his own in the Black Viper Gang which he leads and grew to love it and the people.Outside of school,she is known as Blaze,the best streetfighter.

Meet Jase Hudson,he's the all around badboy and star sports player.He is also her 1# bully at school.When he decided to try and take on Blaze at a fighting tournament,she beats him and he plots revenge to identify who"Blaze"really is.

Join them on their journey of fighting,blackmail,and possibly love.

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