His Hunter Mate (Sequel)

His Hunter Mate (Sequel)

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Fairytopia08 By Fairytopia08 Updated Jun 28, 2016

Werewolves and humans are finally equal to each other ever since Sebastian Knight has come back and Steven has been killed. Zander Knight will soon be handed over the right to become Alpha and King of the werewolves but there is one problem with that. Zander hates humans. Once again. Due to his loss of memory. Everyone is trying their best to get him to remember and accept his mate, Rosie Hale. But things are not going as well. 

Enter Alina Garnet. She hates werewolves. She never wants to think of herself as an equal to them. She hates them with a great passion. It's her biggest dream to get rid of them. She believes that werewolves can never change and will always stay cold and brutal no matter what and to her, Zander is proof of that. 

But what happens when she finds out she's mated to a werewolf? Will she give in to him or will she keep on fighting for what she believes in? And will Zander ever get his memory back or will he have to fall in love with Rosie all over again?

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natcoop22 natcoop22 Jul 12, 2017
I can literally not see. The feels have attacked. WHY?! It got a happy ending then BOOM!! Lost his memory!
hansenjessica086 hansenjessica086 Oct 12, 2017
Legit only  reading to know if Zander will be Zander again 😐....  I hate what Danny did , he knew they lived each other 😑
ultimate212 ultimate212 Jan 05
At the end of the last book I was so scared then I read the chapter bout a sequel 😌
SapereLuna SapereLuna May 20, 2016
I read the first one overnight. I'm not sure my heart can handle anymore pain... But alas, the show must go on.
fwolf9 fwolf9 Dec 22, 2016
Please let Zander member his memory please I'm like almost crying 😭 because I think in the sequel he lost his memory 😭😭😭😓
Husky_wolf_girl Husky_wolf_girl Jun 15, 2016
I hate you....I hate you with a fiery passion.....you have stabbed my heart and killed my soul. Love the book though!