Hetalia One shots [REQUESTS CLOSED]

Hetalia One shots [REQUESTS CLOSED]

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Senpai in the Sheets By Hetalia4ever_ Updated Jan 13, 2016

This is my first book so leave me some feedback. I do take requests! I might do 2ps! or Pirates! or whatever so feel free to suggest those too. Also, I have no idea what other books I should start so give me some ideas! Hope you enjoy!

'_______' Your name

(h/c) hair color

(h/l) hair length

(e/c) eye color

~Hasta la pasta!

Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Mar 11
The most important meal of the day serving it up Gary's way
                              *tastes can*
Wait! 9 am?! That's way too early! I'm going back to bed! *slams door in America's face* *opens door* *takes food* *shuts door again*
Only 1 of each I want 3 of those fries 3 or those burgers and all the pancakes
Italy and me:hasta la pasta Ludwig 
                              Germany: goodbye dove bye italia
I'll take the chicken nuggets and fries. I don't like burgers and I don't like their pancakes.
eeveelover416 eeveelover416 Jul 18, 2015
-smashes alarmclock, lights it on fire, puts out the fire, beats it with a baseball bat, chucks it out the window.-
                              -goes back to bed.-
                              -repeat every morning.-