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Elemental Secrets

Elemental Secrets

539 Reads 7 Votes 3 Part Story
Samita By mitalalala Updated Aug 08, 2010

Heey! Hmm, i dont know what to say :), i just randomly got this story idea in my head one night and decided to write it :). If you read, thanks :).
oh and please vote and comment :) i'd love to hear from you :)
oh and check out my other story, Vampire State of Mind :), thanks
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kabas426 kabas426 Aug 17, 2011
i think i might kill you if you dont finish! PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY! WHAT ELSE YOU GOT GOING ON?!
MrzTrevino MrzTrevino Jul 25, 2010
@miita479 yeah it actually was :P
                              and yeah, the dream part was kinda confusing, but the more confusing, the more suspense, and the more suspense, the more likely someone is to keep reading :P
mitalalala mitalalala Jul 25, 2010
@suna94 hahah! :D, ouuu ;), lmfao! THANKS~, was it actually? D:, haha :P, i wanted to leave the dream vague, like you dont know what it is yet :P. haha :) and OMFG :) LOVE YOU TOOOO!<3
mitalalala mitalalala Jul 19, 2010
@kabas426 haha you checked it outtt? :D sick ass car ehhh? ;), HAHAHA california girls ;), yes yes it is ;) ahah! my mom thinks we're freaks :M but she loves the song!. naah your texting and commenting on here :P hehe, there both good :D. awwh thanks kabbieeeeeeeeee!<3
kabas426 kabas426 Jul 19, 2010
I love my car!! Haha California girls!!;) hmm that's a memory! Lmao I think textring comments to you would be easier ;) haha oh well I'll continue this haha  I'll prolly comment on every page. Knowing me I will haha 
kabas426 kabas426 Jul 19, 2010
Sami I love it! Idk why but I got chills when I was reading it. Weird. Lmao it's THAT good :p