Alpha of the North (1)

Alpha of the North (1)

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Ade By Fight4ThisA Completed

On a full moon, the werewolves are released to search for their mates. Alone, hidden in a basement is young Evie, hiding from the dangerous world outside the door. Not only had she grown up despising them, she lived with people who made a living killing them. 

But how will Evie react when the Alpha of the North claims her as his?

*** Book 1. Completed ***

Hazel_BW Hazel_BW Jan 22
what is ducking under a blanket gonna do? no cowering we die like men
JenniferWhitley JenniferWhitley Feb 04, 2016
This first chapter really pulls you in. And it's nice to read a werewolf story th at ie different.
poethicat poethicat Feb 24, 2016
This is AMAZING💓💓 so hard to find a great werewolf story these days but you just made the TOP OF MY LIST I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY!!!❤️🌪
okie123 okie123 Jan 16, 2016
I'm loving the way it started. So different from what I've been reading!
fuck_depression fuck_depression Jan 10, 2016
Mr.suicide sheep.... Mwaah to u...listen to James young- parachute....also nice
Serenity-Soul Serenity-Soul Nov 01, 2015
Unless she has a mad, dress on (?), then I think you mean mattress. I know people said it before me, but the more comments, more attention it attracts for the author to fix it, right :) 😊🤗