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Innocent Love |Pause|

Innocent Love |Pause|

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dev By april-roses Updated Oct 10, 2015

She didn't understand.
  She didn't understand it was wrong.
  Her love was purely innocent even
  if it was towards such a dark creature.
  Alexis was a human girl.
  She was shy, quiet, and nobody could ever really get to know her.
  She spent her days buried in her books, alone, and that's the way she liked it.
  Klaus on the other hand was not human.
  Actually he had absolutely no humanity.
  He had no emotions other than rage and anger to the world.
  He too spent his days alone, hurt and angry.
  So why would either of them ever attract to each other?
  Both of them had already resigned to the fact that they would die alone.
  But one kiss changed it all.
  Just one.
  Just a simple kiss.
  A kiss given to Klaus filled with Alexis' purely innocent love.
  Well as you can probably tell, that kiss was enough to drive Klaus mad.
       They weren't supposed to fall in love...

I was double-thinking about this book but as soon as i read 'Charles Bukowski ' i was like YEP IAM FINISHING THIS BOOK
Yep i love this book and not only bc of the Charles Bukowski book
notwhoimsupposedtobe notwhoimsupposedtobe Apr 11, 2016
Started reading it all over again so i can apreciate it to the fullest.
DominosIsBae DominosIsBae Jun 13, 2015
But he isn't one he's a hybrid he doesn't like it when people call him a vampire..