When Rich Meets Poor (boyxboy)

When Rich Meets Poor (boyxboy)

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(A short boyxboy romance.)

What happens when two totally different social classes collide? What type of situations occur when one end of the cliche scale, bumps full force into the other? When working class meets upper? When rich meets poor? 

Aaron is an 18 year old Camden Town rebel. Sebastian is a just turned 16 year old Mayfair Hotel good boy. Each come from different backgrounds, different social classes, and overall different lives.
While Aaron struggles to help his family pay for and maintain their small souvenir shop in North London, Sebastian is hiding away in one of the most expensive suites of Mayfair Hotel with only his father-like butler for company.

Aaron lives it rough, doing drugs, drinking alcohol and partying most nights of the week, while Sebastian stays indoors getting his heart broken by countless numbers of holiday makers looking for summer vacation 'flings'. 

So what happens when these two forever contrasting London boys suddenly find themselves in a situation where their opposite lives are colliding together? Where their secrets are coming out? Where trust is being given? And most importantly, where a real friendship is being formed?

Follow their story, and you'll find out!

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ilovefairies123 ilovefairies123 a day ago
The fact we are the same age is frightening, shouldn't he be doing his GCSE'S??
GaysAreNotUnknown GaysAreNotUnknown 3 days ago
The sarcasm (great song, sarcasm) is great.  It's what I do to joke, too
KinkyWinkie KinkyWinkie 7 days ago
i loved cycling at the hyde park, it's so big and the weather's great in Summer
GaysAreNotUnknown GaysAreNotUnknown 3 days ago
I had to bite myself to not wake anyone up it's almost midnight omg
I know this is an actual room, but I just got an awful visual...
I mean I’m not suprised his eyes are probably super red and his pupils dilated