RWBY X reader

RWBY X reader

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this is the world of RWBY from your perspective. Team RWBY are now second years and you are thier junior. just what will happen this school year?

it gets better later on the story on my opinion.

thanks for reading!

This is female POV. Male perspective here:

Weiss's volume 4 outfit but a ocean blue, long dark blue hair, ruby 's boots in blue, and a combo of crescent rose and magnhild as a weapon
Tokyo6 Tokyo6 Nov 18
Like ruby, only black as a base a red as the rest of it. And jeans or sweat pants, and a black shirts with red sleeves , I don't do dresses, or" combat skirts" as they says it's called. Basically red and black every thing.
Sythe with powder blue on it and clothing is blue tipped skirt and blue tipped shirt with powder blue cape
Outfit grey t shirt, blue jacket, black Jean, finger less glove, dark blue hair, electric blue eyes and a twin katana as a weapon
White cloak with black fur around the hood, cuffs, and base, and a white t-shirt, black jeans, and black shoes with white lining/seams.
Extreme Once be like : 
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