Retribution [malexmale]

Retribution [malexmale]

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Eleven thousand years ago, the greatest pantheon in history sank into oblivion. Eleven thousand years later, only three remain. Xenon, Atlantean god of rebirth, is living a relatively normal life, as normal as it can get what with dating an insatiable imp and getting summoned every few minutes. At least, all is well, until a prison is unlocked and the oldest, darkest evil is unleashed into the world. Now, only Xenon and the remaining Atlanteans can fight back this evil.

SEQUEL SERIES TO: The Underworld Chronicles -- START WITH BOOK ONE: Inferi

[Warning: Contains adult themes and explicit content]

cheekybumseckslover cheekybumseckslover Nov 25, 2016
EmmiiLover EmmiiLover Nov 06, 2016
Hehehehhehehhehehh. I have so many murderous thoughts on my mind right now....
nekotmp nekotmp Dec 31, 2016
Akin kinda reminds me of a friend of mind. He's a tall white guy, a bit Buff due to his love for Dragonball Z, used to have long dirty blonde hair, and friggin love anything Hello Kitty! But he's straight as pole lol.
dracoismyking- dracoismyking- Dec 21, 2016
He did have to die... 'the blood of blablabla' most of the time means all of it
nekotmp nekotmp Dec 31, 2016
Reading this right now on new years eve day and its snowing !!
St0lenUsername St0lenUsername Dec 10, 2016
At first i was confused af.. I've just realized I'm reading 13 not 11 ugh 😭😱