Retribution [malexmale]

Retribution [malexmale]

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[Book 13] Eleven thousand years ago, the greatest pantheon in history sank into oblivion. Eleven thousand years later, only three remain. Xenon, Atlantean god of rebirth, is living a relatively normal life, as normal as it can get what with dating an insatiable imp and getting summoned every few minutes. At least, all is well, until a prison is unlocked and the oldest, darkest evil is unleashed into the world. Now, only Xenon and the remaining Atlanteans can fight back this evil.


[Warning: Contains adult themes and explicit content]

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TheOfficialMoon TheOfficialMoon 17 hours ago
                              traduction: Haaa love you so much!!!!
Like they said Dorean does what he wants not even Hades could make him budge... Dorean probably made his brother somethin to eat then they watched tv for 30 minutes... before Dorean went to go hang with Callias
Skatle3 Skatle3 Nov 30
Oh gosh, I hope we don't have to deal with another bitchy and cruel mother
TRMH03 TRMH03 Oct 24
Hahaha I think we all know the big thing was something sexual
xxJozyxx xxJozyxx Dec 06
I totally read this is Evey's (Evelyn) voice from "The Mummy" 😂
I lost track of what's going on (didn't read the series for almost a year)