Rune Stealer

Rune Stealer

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Harley By Carly3lizabeth Completed

In the lands of Kainor some people are born with runes. These runes, scrawled in black at the base of the right side of the neck, grant the person a certain power. These powers can range from cooking to combat and some can be very powerful and others not so much. 

One girl is born with a different rune, a golden rune painted on her face the strange rune gives her strange powers. She is able to steal other people's runes. 

Now a dangerous assassin, Laika travels the lands of Kainor until she is finally captured by the King of Galabee's soldiers. She is used as a brute to strike fear into the King's not so loyal subjects, while she is kept company by the Kings two sons. One of whom helps her realize that maybe she is more than just a killer.

Cover made by Black_Phoniex

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