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Fairy Tail Sleepover!

Fairy Tail Sleepover!

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iCrystal_Kpop_Otaku By FairiesRComing Updated Jan 17

When a very mischievous Mirajane plots an interesting plan to get the 'ships' to go cannon,she's serious. She went head on and stayed up all night just to result in one answer. A sleepover. For a deal of 10,000 jewel,Lucy accepts. Lucy holds the sleepover and all the ships come over. (I'm so sorry I forgot ElfGreen. I almost forgot Jerza so you should be happy.) It's an Otaku's dream to have their favourite ships go cannon. Well,if you're an otaku and okay with these ships,jump right into a world of love.
Fairy Tail is made by Hiro Mashima,I only own the plot.

Im holding in my laughter because my sister is studying for her midterms and me well you guys know what I'm doing
Where are they going to find Jellal and second that's going to be awkward because he's 27 and there all like 18 or 19 except Wendy and Romeo