My Possessive Alpha Mate(s)

My Possessive Alpha Mate(s)

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Kayla Marie By _kaylaxmarie Updated Aug 07

Mercy Blake is 16 onto 17 years old, just a year until she is a full-fledged werewolf. She is the most beautiful creature you can ever see, well, that's what her mate tells her. She is the mate of her packs alpha , Luc Neille. But she has doubts about that...when you have a mate, aren't you supposed to feel electricity spark between you every time you touch and kiss? Aren't you supposed to feel an impossible pull towards them? Aren't you supposed to care for them and never hurt them or let them get hurt? Your supposed to feel a for them?...Well, this never has happened to Mercy towards Luc, she feels an impossible-to-ever-leave-him love for him but not a love mates should. Luc is dangerously possessive, he has been caught cheating so many times with other girls on the pack, he pushes her around and beats her, slaps her, calls her a filthy whore when she even talks or glances at another guy but STILL finds herself never leaving him and putting up with it becasue her love for him overrules her pain and fear. She is too blind in love to care for his evil.

She then meets Daniel Mellark, the complete opposite of Luc. Kind, gentle, caring, everything that Luc is not. He is the light to Luc's darkness. He is the angel to Luc's demon. He is alpha from a different pack, not an enemy pack, but not a paticularly liked pack either. Mercy feels electricity, a pull, a need to protect him and he obviously feels the same way towards her. She doesn't understand, she never feels this towards Luc. The two of them just can't stay away from eachother, especially Daniel. What happens when Luc finds out about Mercy's behind-his-back friendship? Will it cause a wrath between the two men and their packs? Will Mercy ever leave Luc and feel what might just be her freedom? What will happen between her and Daniel? Who does she choose? 

(Cover made by @_Grimm ).

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unique19_ unique19_ Jul 28
I love the book I saw the trailer on YouTube and fell for the book already great chapter
Geniafaye Geniafaye Feb 19, 2016
I said the same thing, why doesn't the female leave. Until I met a man who beat me like slave then I understood
permila_ permila_ Oct 12, 2016
Okay I have a question for the YouTube video that you made for this book I wanted to know what movie or tv show that is called, message me if you can thank you 😊
krystal_dancer krystal_dancer Jan 03, 2016
that's awesome... you said it MAY contain that... that's just awesome
The13thDreamer The13thDreamer Sep 04, 2015
I love werewolf stories and this plot is kinda new to me because she loves someone that isn't her mate( or is she confused? ) but I'm definitely reading this book to the end so update more babe xx
morbide morbide Apr 06, 2015
The names you have choosen are so nice!  Your writing is really good and this was so wow this chapter, haha. I will totally read more when i have time. I felt for her, i don't like Luc haha.