Broken Promise [Kuroko no Basket Fanfic]

Broken Promise [Kuroko no Basket Fanfic]

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The promise that changed everything to a certain person, the promise that was forgotten, the promise that broke a certain person's feelings

Kuroko Tetsuya once believed that playing basketball was fun because he's playing it with his teammates but the fact that when everybody graduated highschool they decided to forget about basketball and just moved on with their lives

That made Kuroko depressed but the fact that Kagami's promise was never granted, that was the final blow, that was the time kuroko started hating basketball thinking that it was just a silly sport that doesn't need his attention

He became another person, he became popular, he became known

This is the story of a BROKEN PROMISE

  • basketball
  • crossovers
  • generationofmiracles
  • kurokonobasket
  • promise
  • transformation
My baby cinnamon roll *tear come down ; > ;* is growing up so fast *more tears*
Wait *murmurs* THERE ARE TOO ADORABLE CINNAMON ROLLS TOGETHER this a crossover? that case...*drags Tamaki back*...continue
...Tamaki, out now.(Tamaki:No!i don't wanna!)...then...*chucks him back into his own anime*...stay in OHSHC...