He Wasn't Alone

He Wasn't Alone

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Mickey M By minimickeym Updated Aug 21, 2015

Oliver never said he was alone on the island, he said we.

Isabelle Wayne is more than just Bruce Wayne's daughter, she'e Oliver Queen's secret girlfriend. Oliver was going to propose after getting back from the Queen's Gambit. But, that didn't happen.

Isabelle was crushed when she heard about the crash. She flew to Hong Kong in order to get away from the memories. However, her plane crashed on an island called Lian Yu. Somehow, they'd found out who Oliver was in a relationship with.

Who are they? They are Edward Fyre's minions. They will stop at nothing to take down Yao Fei, a rouge Chinese general on the island.

Five years later, Isabelle and Oliver are back with many, many scars. During their time on the island, Oliver had proposed to Isabelle. Though they may be safe from the island, they will never be truly safe.

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lis_rocks lis_rocks Dec 21, 2014
AWEOME! Please update soon!! Can't wait to find out where the story is heading!!
minimickeym minimickeym Dec 03, 2014
@greekmytholgynerd Thank You! I really love when people comment nice things on my stories! I'll update before February, I can update now, but the next one might be a little late. Which would you prefer?
epika123 epika123 Dec 02, 2014
Right now I'm kind of using both! I haven't downloaded the app, but I'm using my iPod. I think that Bruce  is going to be a bit suprised at Isa coming back! Loved it!
epika123 epika123 Nov 25, 2014
Well, this was what my comment was supposed to say
                              This sounds so awesome!!!!!! When will you be posting?