Demon Boy ; muke

Demon Boy ; muke

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Michael decides to move. He has his best friend Calum live with him. He moves to a house in North Carolina. But the street was oddly silent. Like it seems like the neighborhood is grey and depressing and dead? He starts to meet some people who live close by

There is a boy who lives next to him and he's only seen him once and that's when he was looking out the window at Michael. But things start to happen..

It starts with nightmares, a figure comes out and messes with him the dreams. But then it starts happening in reality.

This story belongs to FlowerCrownMukex all rights are reserved. Please contact that username for permission for translations. 

#59 in Paranormal

{Ghost Muke}


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Cupcake_Clemmings Cupcake_Clemmings Mar 23, 2017
Yeah like when I dream of 5sos dating me and stuff it all felt so rel but it was just a dream...
LittleMissDestoryer LittleMissDestoryer Aug 19, 2017
JaydaMcAllister JaydaMcAllister Sep 24, 2016
I'm laughing rn 😂 but where's the winchesters when you need them
Psychotic_Lies Psychotic_Lies Nov 12, 2016
Michael's gonna have more than just a demon problem when Dean finds him.
- - Oct 19, 2016
Mikey "suicide attempts" and "young adults" I don't think part type people would commit suicide -.-'
undercoverbilliejoe undercoverbilliejoe Sep 04, 2016
I came here because I wanted to read a scary fic. Why did I think this idea is good?