The New Commoner Girl

The New Commoner Girl

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Crystal By disneypaws Updated Sep 06, 2016

Most Ouran fanfics have a girl who meets the host club and fall in love with the boys or the boys fall in love with them. However, this story is different. 

American girl Bianca knows how to speak 10 languages, got perfect scores on her finals, and could tell you what happened in any day in history. (That's because she has way too much free time.) All that studying paid off when she gets accepted to the elite and extremely exclusive school of Ouran Academy. She expects to be bored to tears at this school, and she couldn't be any more wrong...

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything about Ouran Highschool Host Club. The story's concept and Bianca are the only things I own in this story. Thank you.

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AegyoTaehyung707 AegyoTaehyung707 Aug 26, 2017
really-wants-koolaid really-wants-koolaid Oct 10, 2016
Where's the Kuroshitsuji reference? I don't see one... Oh wait!!! XD Ciel can't tie his shoes... Poor child.
Sad_Fish_Sticks Sad_Fish_Sticks Jul 17, 2016
I'm sorry but I'm reading his because I read the title 'their grammar girl' and because it sounds good
UniquelyKee UniquelyKee Feb 02, 2016
I congratulate you. Not many are able to gain my full attention in the summary alone. I must say, I'm very impressed
makaykayla_ makaykayla_ Mar 29, 2016
I just started watching Hetalia and I can't wait to join the fandom *looks longingly at fans*
UniquelyKee UniquelyKee Feb 02, 2016
Luddy.... Baby, you're drunk.... Plz go back home. DONT MAKE ME GET VENEZIANO!!!