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mags !! By idkmags Updated Nov 01, 2016

❝ it's quick, isn't it? everything that occurs when you're in love happens so fast. you find her, you fall for her, you lose her. a blink of an eye, that's all it takes for everything to change. my advice? don't blink. ❞

a story about how things can change in a blink of an eye. 

[season 7 -]
[disclaimer: this is the first fic i ever posted on this site. some of y'all seem to like it, but the writing can get a bit cringeworthy. that's what i get for attempting to write in eighth grade yahooooo]

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intospn intospn Dec 19, 2017
waiting for a new ep of s13, we gotta wait for a month or so ugh
The 10 year old sherlock everyone. Technically, though, anyone can do that.
Anyone else accidentally miss read and saw ‘emperors new groove’ like the movie
Okay but like it says what's season is takes place in, in the description
thatsweater thatsweater Dec 28, 2017
Legit the last time I found a book with my name in it I was 9 and reading Twilight
EmIndeed EmIndeed Jan 18
Leah Murphy! It's like if Lea married Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor! My otp ❤️