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mags !! By idkmags Updated Nov 01, 2016

❝ it's quick, isn't it? everything that occurs when you're in love happens so fast. you find her, you fall for her, you lose her. a blink of an eye, that's all it takes for everything to change. my advice? don't blink. ❞

a story about how things can change in a blink of an eye. 

[season 7 -]

Ivyz33 Ivyz33 Jun 21
I thought that said lisa and i didnt see that it said murphy and i cried
YAAAS, but my fav Imagine Dragon song is Radio active and demons (demons is top tho) kinda reminds me of supernatural 😂😭😭
oh heck yes even though i'm not a huge fan of doab but it's still panic!
NimbusDust NimbusDust Aug 03
Lol i thought 'the thing' would be to splash holy water on him....
okay but the pre blurryface version of this song makes me bawl my eyes out
-deanspala -deanspala Jun 13
i don't think i've felt such a connection with an oc like this before