She Will Be MINE (Eddie Gluskin x Reader)

She Will Be MINE (Eddie Gluskin x Reader)

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Andy/Angry By angryoverlord Updated Dec 10, 2014

You're a journalist named (Full Name), and you've recently gotten a juicy gig...

The Mount Massive Asylum has been a gold mine for mystery and front cover worthy stories, however recent flukes with the company make the estate dangerous, no journalists are brave enough to delve deeper into the building. Except for you.

Perhaps this was a horrible idea...

SophiaViteri1 SophiaViteri1 Dec 14, 2017
He’s going to cut off his balls to try to turn him into a woman you idiot
enderpop enderpop Aug 20, 2017
Wut? *Confused for a moment, realizes what he meant* NOPEEEEE NONONONO!
NaozuBlues NaozuBlues Dec 23, 2017
"OK IM COMING BACK HONEYY" Eddie: "Oh how the world has changed..."
1-Nova-1 1-Nova-1 Aug 27, 2017
"Hey you!! Im in this locker but you will never fimd me because your to dumb!"
I could imagine Eddie saying this
                              Eddie: HERE I COME FOR THAT JUICY PUSSY
Of fu****ing course there is going to be something behimd the character, that's how horror is. HORROR CAN BE A BITCH SOMETIMES EH..