'1963 (BWWM)

'1963 (BWWM)

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Morgan By spottedmelanin Updated Feb 04, 2016

Jacqueline Marie Johnson is an African American 16 year old girl living in the 1960's. She keeps up with the latest fashion trends and the hot new music and culture. She usually obeys all of the rules until it comes to civil rights, she's an straightforward activist who will do anything to ensure her rights as an human. Her heart beats for marches, protests and anything else that will bring the "white man" down a size. 

Tyler James Monroe on the otherhand is the complete opposite. Being born of white and African american decendent makes him different from all of his peers. Oddly, he's popular amongst both races, and no one says a word.  When it comes to Civil Rights he would rather stay out of it, considering his father is one of the most known members of the Klu Klux Klan. 

Two completely different teenagers, one horrible society. These two spell nothing but trouble when together, but sometimes change comes with a little trouble.

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GuxxiGang GuxxiGang Mar 15, 2017
Honey, all blacks in america have a huge target on their backs because of their color. Even you, sadly
the1MBfan the1MBfan Jul 21, 2016
Great idea, love it so far but I think it could be a but more realistic. For example, a black family's English wouldn't be that good. It would be good but your English is too perfect.But I love the idea
OhLo16 OhLo16 Feb 26, 2016
How is one apart of the KKK, but has a child that he claims by the race that the KKK is supposed to hate? 🤔
kissmyblackass kissmyblackass Feb 24, 2016
"While some folks were somewhat accepting of Mr. Johnny Franks, there were most who couldn't stomach the idea of a negro man living in the all white neighborhood." the sad thing is stuff like that still happens today.
sincerelyjayy sincerelyjayy Nov 27, 2015
This is what drew me into the story. His father is a part of the Klu Klux Klan, but he's both races. This should be an interesting story.
arieaja arieaja Oct 04, 2015
I don't understand how you can try to emulate a country that does nothing but bring your kind down.