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Bridget 'Crow' Perron By BridgetPerron Updated Apr 27, 2016

Colleen lives in a world where you have one main choice, are you a dominant, or a submissive? For a girl fearing intimacy, the task to discover what she is, and to find her match is not something she's looking forward to.
  #262 in Teen Fiction on March 17th, 2015.
  Cover by OriginallyElla.
  ©2014, Bridget Perron, Jeremy Swift
  All the characters and elements appearing in Valiant are copyright to Bridget Perron and Jeremy Swift. 
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Tico09 Tico09 Jul 27, 2016
Umm... I think you should at least have told them. Even in a Dom/submissive world there is no tolerance for no consent.
yaouigurrll15 yaouigurrll15 Jun 27, 2016
This is not Game of Thrones, I need you to get it together mate, alright? She ain't Cersei, and you not Jaime. So you need to CUT IT!
thescruffy360 thescruffy360 Oct 23, 2015
I don't know what I'd be I hate (hate hate hate hate hate) submitting to people. It gets to the point where Ill go to do something someone will tell me to do the thing I was goin to do anyway and then ill purposely not do it because they told me to. But I don't like dominating other people either
kellintoxicated kellintoxicated Aug 26, 2015
I know it's iris by the goo goo dolls but I like sws version too
ZBari20 ZBari20 Jun 13, 2015
OMG this song literally makes me cry. I have so many memories and emotions with it. Tearing up right now. Thanks for including this fantastic song. It is wonderful
tcol521 tcol521 Mar 19, 2015
-_- someone hit this dude with a sledgehammer please. 
                              This is fictional, but he gives me the creeps. (Shiver)