The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

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Messiah Simmons, the shy nerdy boy who has a brain full of knowledge and a heart full of kindness. Messiah isn't usually the type to talk to pretty girls and have the courage, but when it comes to this girl he has to.

Indya Abuel-Harris, the beautiful girl next door who has the looks of a Goddess and the passion for dancing. Indya is one of the popular girls in the school and popularity may seem cool and all, but for some reason there's rules and consequences. 

One of them includes not talking to any non-popular people, that including Messiah. He didn't care because he wanted to be with her, but there are obstacles in the way. Every time he tries to talk to her one of her friends interrupts them and pulls her away.

Oh well, that doesn't stop him from getting to her.

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- - Nov 05, 2015
fitanslim16 fitanslim16 Jul 18, 2015
he being brave sum other nerds or nun popular wud have given up on her
NijaSpencer NijaSpencer Jul 17, 2015
I love your storyline! It's unique. You don't read too many stories where the boy is the nerd lol I can't wait to read more :)
xxLuckyCharmedxx xxLuckyCharmedxx Jun 20, 2015
I love shy guys especially if they're really cute.....  I hope I'm not the only one
MK_Stories_ MK_Stories_ Jun 18, 2015
when's the first chapter coming out. "Cause im waiting at the doee".
qveen_k19 qveen_k19 Jun 17, 2015
This is soooo like The Way You Make Me Feel video like. Messiah as Michael and Me as Tatiana like slaaay