Bad Obsession (Guns N' Roses: Izzy Stradlin)

Bad Obsession (Guns N' Roses: Izzy Stradlin)

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Evelyn By Peggster123456 Updated Jul 24, 2017

It's amazing how quickly perceptions can change.

Melanie Buchanan used to believe that having a boyfriend would be an unnecessary waste of time, that is of course until she took the job opportunity to film the next video clip for an up and coming hard rock band based in California; Guns N' Roses.

Melanie happens to meet the rhythm guitarist from the band, and she can't believe what she secretly feels deep down; could they possibly be sparks? Ridiculous. She knows that this guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, is just your average bad boy who constantly takes dangerous risks, but she doesn't realise that he is able to experience and understand emotions, and she also is unable to see how special she has become to him. 

Could the two end up having an obsessive need to be with each other? 

Read to find out... I know you want to ;)

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axlscrotch axlscrotch Aug 08, 2017
it's from being in such close proximity to his amazing genitals
ArisFitzMaurice ArisFitzMaurice Mar 02, 2016
Hi, it's fantastic. I can't stop reading... Mel is a very handsome persona.. and what about Izzy's entrance? It was perfect!  I can undesrtand why she feels so freak out, even just before seeing him!!! God job honey, I love it!!!
Skin87 Skin87 Nov 05, 2014
Lovin' this already! 
                              Can't wait for next chapter, great job
IHaveMyGothKit IHaveMyGothKit Nov 02, 2014
Finally an Izzy fanfic! Thanks so much fo this and its great by the way, cant wait for next update!
BloodiedRocker BloodiedRocker Nov 02, 2014
this is great! loving it so far can't wait for the next chapter
k_m_stradlin k_m_stradlin Nov 02, 2014
great first chapter! thanks for the tag! it would have taken me so much longer to find the book with out it!