Angelo knew his mother was trying to play matchmaker when she suggested then paid for his maid service. The only problem was when he laid eyes on Francesca the maid standing barefoot in his kitchen, wearing his favorite tee shirt with possibly nothing under it, cooking his favorite dish, and singing one of his favorite songs. He knew that he may possibly be in danger of losing his heart  for the first time.
Everyone is saying something related to sombreros, like really? It doesn't even relate.
He deserves it and so does she. Tbh. She treats him like a baby.
You know when you dye your hair a different color and you thought it was cute and other people don't. Well most of us commenting are the other people and this guy ^ thought it was cute
I don't find him attractive. I might be gay but I know an attractive guy when I see one.
That's sad. So sad. My brother maybe be a mamas boy but he could take care of himself. A little.
I'm gonna picture him as Francisco lachowski like always. cause dayum He is perf