Business Deal

Business Deal

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Stella By tilatella Updated 2 days ago

When Brian Mitchell's company is in trouble .Max Hamilton offers to help him in exchange for his daughter . Mitchell Industries is very precious to her father and Tessa knows it . So when Brian told Tessa that she's getting married she didn't fight her father on it . She's getting married to the one and only Blake Hamilton .

Blake Hamilton was living the billionaire life : money ,power and most importantly girls . That is until his father told him that he's getting married . He has no say in the matter . Even though he's married that won't stop him from seeing his mistress , Penny .

But things change after a while and both of them start feeling things they never thought they would.  Something that was suppose to be just a business deal turns into something more. Can they make their marriage work ?

Alexander Hamilton my name is Alexander Hamilton and there's 1 million things I haven't done just you wait
tilatella tilatella Aug 02, 2016
Thank you for supporting haha. I'm currently busy with college but I'll update as soon as possible :)
cortniebee cortniebee Feb 26, 2016
Didn't even know her name. 
                              It could be edited, other than that, it's okay so far.
salembuster salembuster Jul 29, 2016
I read this book before but really hope you put it back up. I do want to reread it
salembuster salembuster Jul 29, 2016
I liked it. I'm kinda hoping for her to go to school and he sees someone showing real interest in her. See how he likes seeing someone else with his wife
18naruto 18naruto Feb 24, 2016
-ohhh advance honeymoon but not with your wife...tsk tsk prick