Hidden {Lashton}

Hidden {Lashton}

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Band Obsessed By -ashton-irwin- Updated Apr 01, 2015

Luke Hemmings is popular. 

Ashton Irwin is an outcast. 

Luke Hemmings is open about everything. 

Ashton Irwin has a secret. 

Luke Hemmings always asks himself: 

What is Ashton Irwin hiding?

Ewww I hate that kind. Makes me gag because the texture is so thick
pebs123 pebs123 May 16
This sounds awesome :) been looking for a new lashton fic to read and I think this is it xx
Oh that's all? That's fine then.
                              You Plonker!(still no face palm emoji!)
That's literally horrible like what how is that not worse than getting beat up. Would you rather get a punch in the stomach or get your entire head shoved inside of a toilet to the point where you can't breathe? I would much rather just take a few punches.
trashydun04 trashydun04 Jul 23
amberkkelly amberkkelly Jul 26
I still can't understand how people sleep in sweatpants 
                              I'll literally die of heat