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✔ Sakura's Love Problems: Sasuke VS Charasuke?!

✔ Sakura's Love Problems: Sasuke VS Charasuke?!

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Writress By MistyAnnE_04 Completed

(COMPLETED) 02.25.15

Sasuke returned to Konoha. He was still ignoring Sakura though, like he always did. But what if the alternate him came in the picture?!

Charasuke's back!

But will Sakura and Sasuke's relationship change if the pinkette finally falls for the AU playboy?

Will something snap inside him?

Or will he just ignore her again?

One thing is for sure, with Charasuke's presence, and her untimely change of heart, this will become a problem! Sasuke VS. Charasuke?! This will be Haruno Sakura's BIG Love Problem!!

BAHAHAHAHA of course he has to come like right now lol man he spends ages in the bathroom lololololol
KiraUchiha2 KiraUchiha2 Apr 10
Eeeeeeeeek!! Omg i hope sasuke wouldnt get mad😁 LOL i would really love it if he gets mad it made me think that his jelouse😁 love it btw!
KiraUchiha2 KiraUchiha2 Apr 10
Ahhhhh!!!😍😍😍😍 i love charasuke better! Than sasuke his the oppisite of him! And O.M.G! Sakura's BOYFRIEND!😱
AlwaysTisha87 AlwaysTisha87 Aug 18, 2016
I'm having mixed emotions about this... Haha JK! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
gabyfairytail gabyfairytail Dec 20, 2016
Wait. Isn't Charasuke like, from the Tsukuyomin world. And he doesn't know that Naruto's name in the real world is well, Naruto and the Naruto in the other world is Menma?
                              (Do you get me?)
gabyfairytail gabyfairytail Dec 20, 2016
Wait, if there's Charasuke in the Tsukuyomi world, then there's Charatachi too???!!!