My Little Decoy

My Little Decoy

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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley

Life for Lacey Carson hasn't been a straight road into paradise. Struggling with the death of her mother, her abusive step-father, and love for music and freedom, she's torn about who she really is, and who she's become. Growing up with a natural talent for drumming, rhythms, and beats; Lacey and her faithful drum sticks can't ever be divided. So when a national competition for a battle of the bands is announced; the reward for the winning band being a grand prize of a million dollars, a ticket to the number one recording studio in England, and being signed into one of the hottest record labels in the world, Lacey knew that it was fate. All she needed was a band to play with... 

But indifferent, apathetic, and cold to the rest of the world, will she be able to find a group who she could trust and befriend? Fall in love with a not-so-mysterious stranger who may or may not have feelings for her too? Discover her own true self tangled in between a web of lies? Or is it all simply just a decoy?

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OK just by reading the description I'm already in love with this book
TaylorNelson8 TaylorNelson8 Mar 31, 2016
hersmearedsilver hersmearedsilver Mar 27, 2016
funny, i'm listening to paramore right before I clicked on this ^u^
Chocolov3r Chocolov3r Mar 24, 2014
Love the cover and the plot seems original and interesting enough! Reading on~
acidholes acidholes Feb 27, 2014
lovely plot! battle of the bands, huh? but i notice a mistake; it's 'bands is' not bandsis'. :)
figurative figurative Jan 30, 2014
so i went into this just like "hey okay i need to read this thing so i can credit for the banner she's making me" BUT HOLY COW YOU ALREADY HAVE ME SO INTRIGUED AND WOW I'M GONNA GO READ THE REST AFTER