Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED)

Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED)

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Feeling of loneliness, a feeling of being unwanted, a feeling of being hurt. You've all been there right? 

Emiko Kuran was her name. Ever since birth, she had been beaten to almost to her limit. It was all because of her eyes. All because of them that even her mother, her father or her sister could not look at her without disgust and hatred. There was one person though, someone who she thought she loved. Kaname. 

But that quickly changed when she eavesdrops and hears the most heartbreaking sentence of all time

"I accept."

Something snapped inside of Emiko. She decided to fake her death but in the process, was able to escape from that hell. 

Kaien Cross finds her and decides to take her in.

Everything begins from there.

A big adventure full of heartbreak, betrayal, love and maybe.. just maybe lust ;) 

Read to find out!

windiflur windiflur Jul 12
Zero. Kaname. Zero? Kaname?  Which should I choose?!?  ̄へ ̄
This is so awesome so far! Can't wait until they are re-united!
Yes, you're even more of a disgrace to the Kuran name than Rido!!!!
If you didn't want to hurt her, THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE HURT HER ANYWAYS!!
A lot of this chapter sounds like another fanfic I read. Did you take ideas from it??
If u never meant to hurt her then why did you huh? Answer that for me will ya