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Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED)

Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED)

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estée By eoraiv Completed

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. I suppose you don't remember this but I'll tell you a little story," She cleared her throat, "Once upon a time there lived a family of 5 monsters. A pair of parents and 3 children. One was an angel. Not a monster, but she was treated differently. Everyday, she got beaten and yelled at. That was why she locked herself in her room and no-one cared to bother seeing her as they treated her like trash. One did though, he was a handsome boy but a very ugly one at that, a traitorous monster you call. One day, as the little girl decided to exit her room, she found out he betrayed her for somebody's hand in marriage, someone that disliked the angel to the pit. Oh my. Poor little girl cried so much, that her rage and power took over. She had no use for her cute, gentle side anymore, and darkness clouded her mind. On the same day, she jumped out from the window. The end." Emiko smiled sickly before it turned into an obvious fake one that she purposely did. 

I stared at her with my eyes widened apart as I processed the whole story over and over again in my mind. I have a really sick feeling now. Not physically, but mentally. As if I've done something really wrong and feel guilty.

"W-What do you mean, I don't remember this story? You never tell me things.." I said.

She begun with a scoff and laughed manically. "One'll know. When the time comes, get ready. Because I'll get back at you for the things you did to me. Ten times harder." She hissed before passing me and knocking me back with her shoulder.

fioreity fioreity 6 days ago
Bîtch, yes you did.
                              You clearly neglected her for the sole purpose of hurting her. Shut the fûck up.
Yeah sure, let's pretend the past couple years of her life never happened
younnie- younnie- Jul 12, 2016
Zero. Kaname. Zero? Kaname?  Which should I choose?!?  ̄へ ̄
-ghost-riot- -ghost-riot- Nov 11, 2016
This is so awesome so far! Can't wait until they are re-united!
Crazy_machiko Crazy_machiko Jan 17, 2016
I could also imagine her getting close to his face hand on his desk with an intended glare and then dragging him out of the room the camera stays with Yuki and zero then all of a sudden a girly screen and her yelling get your assistance back here
Crazy_machiko Crazy_machiko Jan 17, 2016
I could imagine him making that ranting face with his fingers moving around with a tick mark in his forehead