Submissive>> L.S.

Submissive>> L.S.

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In a Sub/Dom centric world, your position in life is built into your genes. 

Harry is a loving dominant with a weak spot for boys in lace and Louis is a willing submissive who likes to wear panties just a little bit too much. 

cover art by @larryspineapple on tumblr and @larryspineapples on instagram

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Jesus Christ my first ever date I didn't even do all that wowza.
Ahman (my boyfriend)is sitting next to me reading this. He asked What is this shït? I was like honestly don't know
my snot dripped down. i am not mentally prepared for this. not like i need to prepare anyway. i prefer it raw without any prep.
5sos43v3r 5sos43v3r Jul 19
I don't even were makeup, I don't paint my nails or do my hair how do people do this stuff everyday?!?!?
Haurka168 Haurka168 May 16, 2016
YUP YUP. I have the same problem as Harry except mine is with girls
whats_there_to_love whats_there_to_love Apr 02, 2016
I'm just wondering... why did you stop this book at 99 chapters? Like oNE MORE CHAPTER DAMMIT THEN TRIPLE DIGIts