Submissive>> L.S.

Submissive>> L.S.

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In a Sub/Dom centric world, your position in life is built into your genes. 

Harry is a loving dominant with a weak spot for boys in lace and Louis is a willing submissive who likes to wear panties just a little bit too much. 

cover art by @larryspineapple on tumblr and @larryspineapples on instagram

Teenwolfobsessed1023 Teenwolfobsessed1023 Nov 16, 2016
OMG what am i doing I have a huge project due tomorrow that I haven't even started
Haurka168 Haurka168 May 16, 2016
YUP YUP. I have the same problem as Harry except mine is with girls
LarryGoFukACaktus LarryGoFukACaktus Aug 15, 2016
while he's doing this imma just continue to drown myself in fast food and not shave for 8 years
whats_there_to_love_ whats_there_to_love_ Apr 02, 2016
I'm just wondering... why did you stop this book at 99 chapters? Like oNE MORE CHAPTER DAMMIT THEN TRIPLE DIGIts
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Oct 13, 2015
Okay this is going to be interesting.....I love reading fanfic's
Iwontactmyagexx Iwontactmyagexx Aug 10, 2015
when you just STOP and you know that you have to read this book