She Runs with the Wolves - Brett Talbot

She Runs with the Wolves - Brett Talbot

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Alayna By WolfAura Updated May 21, 2018

Emily Lessing has been through it all. Vengeful Alphas, Kanimas, Nogitsunes, you name it. Along side her friends Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Kira, and Derek, the world of supernatural is all Emily knows.

Now, the friends that Emily cares about are all on a dead pool and assassins are lurking around every corner, waiting to strike.

In the mix of all this, Emily meets Brett Talbot, a boy from another pack in Beacon Hills. As they become closer and closer, feelings develop and she finds herself in a position she never thought she'd be in.

Only one this is for sure: The assassins are coming and Emily will do anything to save the people she cares about.

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Liverpool_Princessa Liverpool_Princessa Dec 28, 2017
Nah lydias the death finder and the screamer (banshee) 😂😂😂
aearly8226 aearly8226 Feb 25, 2018
Omg such a good introduction to the story I can’t wait to read the rest
serendibite_ serendibite_ Feb 18, 2016
Finally a person that likes Kira, like everyone is hating on her because they want scallison to be endgame. Can't you get over the fact that she's dead?
emilymalik043 emilymalik043 Aug 06, 2015
Cody Saintgnue is my bae❤️ I want him so bad❤️ Come to me Cody!!
emilymalik043 emilymalik043 Aug 06, 2015
I want Cody (Brett) all to myself❤️ Why is he so perfect?? *cries*
the-totally-rad the-totally-rad Jul 24, 2015
The song I'm listening to is perfect. Write Your Name by Selena Gomez