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Yeah, I'm a Bully, So???(Kakashi Love Story) (ON HOLD)

Yeah, I'm a Bully, So???(Kakashi Love Story) (ON HOLD)

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Mitchie ;) By Shattered_Dreams Updated Jun 21, 2015

Saya has always been cynical and rude and blunt and sometimes just mean, everything you would see in a bully. Due to her past with her betraying clan, she no longer trusts as much and she doesn't like making friends. But when she decided to try Konoha after leaving her last tragedy behind, her heart becomes entangled with loyalty and friendship and.....maybe a certain sensei making her heart pound to a rhythm she was unfamiliar with. Even through all this, she can't escape her past because sooner or later, it begins to haunt her future. When she realizes what it means to be a prodigy of her clan, will she be willing to pay the price?

By killing the weaker links does not mean you kill all the weak links. Cause when there is strong left there is the weak of the strong and they proceed to become weak links as well
im rereading this book, and i NEVER reread books, but this one is sooo good.
I most likely won't steal anything I don't write much but if I ask and you say yes will it be ok I promise to say it was from you , never mind I don't write much I don't know why I asked probly just to say something 🐣🐣🐣🐣
KhilaReaper KhilaReaper Sep 21, 2016
I loved this soooo much you definitely need to continue this!
_BESIDJU_ _BESIDJU_ May 26, 2016
I feel like we have the same voice then cause my voice isn't high but it's not deep and it's just like a healthy medium 😗
WriteAholic4ever WriteAholic4ever Jul 02, 2016
When you don't bother with quick quips and instead go with long slow burns. 😏