My Bad Boy Knows Best

My Bad Boy Knows Best

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I looked at his lips and he looked at mine. I knew what we were both thinking. I can't let that happen. He leaned in and as our lips were about to make contact I moved my head.


"I'm sorry but...we can't."


It's your cliche nerdy sarcastic girl with a mean cold hearted bad boy. The book takes you through the life of Lila Haven(good girl) and Asher Kai Anderson(bad boy) as they fall in love. With Lila's cruel brother(Rick), Abusive friend David, and dreams about her old ex can she survive her junior year. Not only does she find love but she faces a life or death situation on the way. Will it all turn out perfect in the end or will there be something that changes what love really is.



Highest Ranking: #38 in teen fiction

(Previously known as The Bad Boy calls me Carrot)

Everybody knows he's a cheater. Join the party and dump his sorry, hot, sexy ass
Hey can someone tell me what is meant by OCDs? Once this girl told me that I have a lot of OCDs.. and I'm like - yeah hehe....😬
if i ever talked to my mom like that i'd get the rudest bussass of life
Waddle waddle.. To the very next day pum pum pum pum pum pumm
Nah imma imagine he has brown hair and picture him as Francisco Lachowski
finegurl002 finegurl002 Jun 23
I would've just looked at him and say "God gave you hands for a reason bitch, use em"