Something Complicated - #Wattys2014

Something Complicated - #Wattys2014

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Life is complicated. One day you're working as an intern at a prominent New York law firm, and then suddenly you find yourself irrevocably in love with one of the senior partners. You know it's pointless. Not only is he almost ten years your senior, but he has a girlfriend. A beautiful, intelligent, gracefully poised girlfriend. You know that nothing will come of this. But you can't help yourself, because life, is complicated. 


He’s staring at me from across the room. I want so badly to go to him. Yet at the same time an irrational anger swells within me. He has become my life. Somehow, without my consent or conscious knowledge, he has taken little pieces of me; implanted himself within my memories. Every waking moment I can feel his presence on my skin, hovering just above the surface like thick, humid air. Every pulse beats against him. In this moment I want nothing more than to be alone. He’s still staring at me.


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xdEDITORSxd xdEDITORSxd Oct 10, 2017
That accent is almost only found in South Jersey or at the shore.
Miss_ayaaaaa Miss_ayaaaaa Sep 13, 2016
There are different Christian denomination who do the sign of the cross
Sarahnicol3 Sarahnicol3 Jan 03, 2017
born and raised in jersey but fortunately i don't have the accent :'D
Miss_ayaaaaa Miss_ayaaaaa Sep 13, 2016
"We're not catholic" you know you don't  have to be catholic to able to do the sign of the cross
Aarmaulover18 Aarmaulover18 Sep 17, 2016
I can see me doing that... welp you just screwed up!! Trust ne I would probably do the same😝
carlasalomon carlasalomon Oct 05, 2015
Iife is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated