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Stupid Demon...

Stupid Demon...

39.4K Reads 1.4K Votes 14 Part Story
Denise Jones By XxLadiiJayxX Completed

A KyuNaru.
Naruto has put up with the nine tailed demon all his life. But recently he's been noticing that the nine tails was doing some weird things. Naruto was 17 now, so he knew all too well what the fox was getting at. But doing this with his own body?!

JoahnaPamelahGabayan JoahnaPamelahGabayan Feb 03, 2016
She's too annoying that my ears are gonna explode anytime now.
I_Luxury_Cruise_It I_Luxury_Cruise_It May 30, 2016
I like how the "talk" for me was a video of a woman giving birth while in school in yr 3... I was like 7... XD
hina1233 hina1233 Feb 07, 2016
If only Naruto didn't save her when Sasuke tried to kill her.
SmonsterTIME SmonsterTIME Jun 10, 2016
0to100 faster  when I click the home button on my tablet with my parents walk in and I think I have a clean mined when really I'm doing this
Sunnydg Sunnydg Aug 30, 2016
😅😂😭 poor Naruto... *dies from choking back laughter