The Imaginators

The Imaginators

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M.K. Valley By shebreatheswords Updated Feb 10

Andria del Scorpio thought she would never have to look back on the days when she was a marionette in her own home. Until she finds out the past has a way of clawing onto you. Now she has a choice - behave and wait on a sentence that could cost her head, or break a rule or two and solve the mystery behind a controversial assassination she'd been tasked with.

Andria is one of the most gifted Imaginators of her time and also a licensed Assassin operating out of Ares - an Imaginators' planet somewhere in the Infinite Universe. With some unexpected help, she tackles the problems arising from the Contract and summons her powers, hell-bent on protecting her freedom. Will she succeed and at what cost?

The Imaginators is a short science fiction novella touching upon topics like freedom and the right to walk your own path, in a world that is limited only by one's own imagination. It's dark and gritty, and violent.

🔰 The story is completed! I'm in the process of revising and editing it.
🔰 There's a total of 11 chapters (including an epilogue), so it's a short ride, but a wild one.
🔰 I'm not a native writer, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
🔰 I'm open to critique from sensitivity readers, and I apologize if anything crosses a line, I promise to learn and grow, and improve my stories in the process, including this one.
🔰 There's non-explicit sex, but explicit violence and strong language.