The Boy Who Cried Suicide [Larry Stylinson AU]

The Boy Who Cried Suicide [Larry Stylinson AU]

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Baby By Larry_Lashton Completed

Where Louis is in school and acts depressed to get attention, but then when he really is, no one believes him.

[1st Place in the 2014 Bromance Awards for Larry Up and Coming Stories winner and creative title!]

© 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

OK here goes nothing because after reading the comment i'm having second thoughts
Doesn't matter who's reading this:
                              It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what you look like or what you're going through! 
                              You're just as important as ANYONE ELSE! And your story matters too!
                              I believe in you and I'm hoping for your story not to end like Louis ❤️
itookyouricecreamxX itookyouricecreamxX 19 hours ago
He MY BEST FRIEND! I can't like...omg I really want to fück to many things to him but u see..............HE LOVVVEEEESSSS HARRRRY. LIKE SHÏT! I SHIP LARRY MORE THAN ME AND LOUIS LIKE YUSS. BUT UGHHHHH! LARRRRRYY 4 LIFE. I ranting. Plz someone help me plz im bout to-bye
gina0011 gina0011 2 days ago
We're not allowed to have our phones out in the locker room if a teacher catches it and its on camera you can be expelled
gina0011 gina0011 2 days ago
Okay well idk why no one will date me I'm nice, well read, kinda loud, very expensive, heavily opinionated especially when it comes to politics and human rights, kinda really emotionally unstable- never mind I've come to the conclusion myself