Icarus (Book 1 of the Reincarnate Series)

Icarus (Book 1 of the Reincarnate Series)

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"Vampires are the prime species, my dear. They rule all Weres." he states, voice like satin over ink.

"And what does that make you?"

He smiles, teeth glinting in the dim. "The prince of vampires. And you're about to become my princess."


Everyone knows humans are forbidden to go near Were territory. Yet the hottest and most forbidden Were party on the planet is exactly where Danielle Hutchings wants to be. 

The Were Den.

The largest gathering of supernatural creatures happens on the Blood Moon. It is also known as the most dangerous night of the year for any human, when a Were's powers are at their greatest. 

Consumed by the idea of disguising herself and sneaking into the party, Danielle and her friend soon discover things aren't anything like they expected, especially when Danielle catches the eye of a mysterious and powerful Were. 

Danielle finds this Were appears wherever she goes. No matter what, he is always there, speaking to her mind and leaving her tortured with strange dreams at night. His identity is revealed as the prince of Vampires and heir to the Were world, Icarus Samuels.

Brah.  Use this bitch as bait when you need to run from zombies.  She'd be the girl running in heels that'd trip and fall.  Literally she is every girl in every horror movie ever!!! BYE FALICIA!!!
You all will be eating your words when these two idiots manage to make it to chapter 2😗
                              🎵QUAKING IN HER DRESS 🎵
                              🎵QUAKING IN HER DRESS🎵
She is already the dumbest mc ever, and that's saying a lot .😂
So what the hell am i going for? Slavery spells and blood oaths? Bitch the door.😒
TeenCandyQueen TeenCandyQueen Nov 25, 2016
Ok so is this just announcing the part or are there supposed to be more words and my phone is screwing up 0_0