Toddler Series.

Toddler Series.

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NeonPlayingCards By NeonPlayingCards Updated Nov 12, 2015

Okay, I'm just going to jump right into this with this short preference!

Ashton: Jessie's favourite toy is the stuffed penguin that Ashton bought the day after she was born. She's always making it waddle across the floor or across either you or Ashton and sometimes, you'd hear her talking to it quietly. 

Calum: Andrew's favourite toy is his toy bathrobe that you bought him and he was always dressing up in it. Noah, however loves playing with the little xylophone that your mum bought him on one of her many shopping trips. The house is always filled with the sound of small bursts of music and the sound of loud roars as your little boy continuously tries to scare the two of you.

Luke: Darren's toy was obviously the stuffed tiger that the boys gave to you at your baby shower. It was attached to his side all the time; he'd sleep with it, play with him and even bring him to the dinner table. 

Michael: Amy's got two things that she's very fond of. She enjoys cuddling up wi...

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